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Why Tutor With Us?

  • Modern Digital Learning: We use the most current technologies and devices to create streamlined sessions that are full of teaching instead of buffering.
  • Tutor Backup: Every tutor on the team has access to your session notes in case they need to step in due to an emergency. They pick up where your primary tutor left off, ensuring seamless coverage to minimize disruption to your learning.
  • Remarkable Patience: We’re asked the same problems hundreds of times, but we treat each student question seriously with respect and can empathize with your struggles.
  • Tight Feedback Loop: Our team encourages you to vocally explain tough problems, we help catch your mistakes right away, and help you correct course ASAP. Only when you understand your wrong answers do you gain the confidence to find the right answers.
  • Catered Strategies: All sessions incorporate old exams questions used in the past. This ensures you learn efficient strategies from Aromatic Prep Tutors, to help tackle the testing style of your specific class and professor.

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